Saturday 14 Mar, 2015

Starting at 9:00am

Etc Venues, Victoria

One Drummond Gate, London SW1V 2QX

Behaviour driven “lifecycle scores” for marketing optimisation

We all know how valuable it is to understand how each channel fits into the customer journey but most of us are limited to using the multi channel funnels data.

These only show one side of the story – – the paths with conversion (which means you are only half blind rather than completely blind) and while the Assisted Conversions is a valuable concept, GA’s own metric is flawed.

But there’s another way that looks at the entire universe of touches, not just those that result in conversions. We can use the myriad of behavioural responses that occur at visit-level to calculate data-driven “lifecycle scores” for channels. Think ” micro conversions on steroids”.

I’ve only recently started working on this so I would very much like to hear whether others think it’s a worthwhile approach, and the pitfalls.

Carmen Mardiros, Clear Clues



  1. Sounds fascinating. Better make sure I schedule my session differently from yours

  2. Alison Smith says:

    I agree – we so often forget to consider the whole picture because we’re so focussed on those conversions.
    Hope I’ll be able to join this debate.

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