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Copenhagen: 08th June
Zurich: 08th June
Chicago: 07th September
Czechia: 07th September


Back in 2012, a group of Digital Analytics practitioners in London got together to see if they could do something for the local community.  Various plans were made but they all fell through.  Peter O’Neill decided to take advantage of this opportunity and the group that had been put together to raise an idea of his own. He had attended a number of unconference events, for developers, product managers and social media users and wanted to bring the experience to his own community, that of Digital Analysts.

Taking advantage of networks in the Digital Analytics and wider Digital community, it was agreed to hold the first MeasureCamp on the 22nd Sept 2012. Mozilla allowed their offices in London to be used and a group of people who had never organised an event started working through issues of tickets, catering, promotion, newsletters and of course, getting sponsorship to pay for it all. It somehow all come together, 120 people turned up from all over the UK plus a few from Europe. A bit of chaos but by the end, the biggest question was when can we do it again??

Two more MeasureCamps were held in London at six month intervals with numbers growing from 120 to 140 people and everyone embracing the unconference format of the schedule being created on the day.  The event grew too large for Mozilla offices and it moved to etc venues in Pimlico. This  increased the capacity by another 100+ people but tickets were being claimed in less than a minute each release.  A growing proportion of attendees were booking flights from all over Europe.

Then, during one lunch break, the question was asked – this is a pretty good day, can we do it in Paris as well?  There was no reason not to and the first MeasureCamp Paris was held on 5th July 2014. For this success, MeasureCamp began to expand internationally.  They are run by local organisers but follow the MeasureCamp set of guidelines.  MeasureCamp has been held in over a dozen cities, all over Europe plus Hong Kong and Australia.  The format and brand has now been firmly established and the future is bright.


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