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Upcoming MeasureCamps

Melbourne: 11th February
North America: 11th March
Helsinki: 25th March
Amsterdam: 22nd April

MeasureCamp Calendar

MeasureCamp took the first steps to returning to normal in 2022 with 13 in-person events and one virtual MeasureCamp.  Two big highlights were ticking off the 100th MeasureCamp in Bucharest (only just ahead of London starting an hour later) and Baku, Azerbaijan joining the community with their first MeasureCamp. That was great but here is hoping that 2023 is much bigger with 20+ events, including more cities participating for the first time. 

This list of MeasureCamps in 2023 will be updated throughout the year as dates are confirmed, everything is obviously subject to change.

Please email if any are missing from this list.

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