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Upcoming MeasureCamps

Copenhagen: 08th June
Zurich: 08th June
Chicago: 07th September
Czechia: 07th September

Run your own MeasureCamp

MeasureCamp is expanding around the world as can be seen on the homepage world map. They are always organised by local members of the Digital Analytics community, following the central guidelines. It is a lot of work to organise a MeasureCamp but very rewarding. If interested, please contact the MeasureCamp founder Peter O’Neill at

The key requirements to be given the go ahead to run a MeasureCamp are:

  • At least six members of an organising committee from at least three different companies.
  • Commitment from each person that they are involved to support the community, not to promote their own organisation.
  • Agreement that email addresses collected can only be used for MeasureCamp purposes.
  • Ideas for a date and venue for the MeasureCamp.

Assuming the MeasureCamp is approved, support is provided through:

  • Use of the name MeasureCamp (which has been trademarked) and branding
  • Provided with a website and email address
  • Template for sponsor pack, eventbrite, mailchimp, etc
  • Support with any questions

Again, there is a fair amount of work involved to organise a local MeasureCamp. But there are great rewards and well worth creating this experience for your local community.


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